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A Wearable Home Monitoring

Disease Management Platform

Managing multiple respiratory and chronic diseases

An innovative home monitoring AI platform, enables patients, their families and care providers to improve the management of multiple respiratory chronic diseases.


Easy to wear passive sensing technology

RespirAI Medical offers new wearable technology which can passively capture medical physiological data for long term patient monitoring.


Deviations from patient clinical baselines are automatically detected and shared with the care team. Changes in patient health are detected at early stage, before a patient reports symptoms or experiences physiological decline.


The patient data is automatically uploaded to the cloud, where advanced algorithms, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) are capable of analyzing deviations from the patient's clinical baselines.

The data analysis results are shared with the care team and the patient's family when notifications are triggered, sensing changes in the patient's health.


An innovative platform with unique benefits for patients, their families and physicians

Ongoing monitoring of disease status
Early detection of disease exacerbations
Improving disease management
Save high costs to the healthcare system
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